About - Jane Victoria Farley


Artist and Art Therapist

I love the free and revealing nature of abstract as well as the deep and meditative quality of realism. Thank you for your encouragement and support!

"Art transcends all human boundaries. It is a gift of almost inexplicable, magical energy. When our hearts, through our senses, are touched by art, our lives are enhanced." - R. MacDonald

Education: MS Psychology CSUC (DBT and Art Therapy), Academy of Art San Francisco, San Francisco Art Institute, Florence Academy of Art, Florence Art Studio and The Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Workshops and Conferences:

Nocturnal Live in NYC with Casey Baugh (fall 2019)

Portrait Painting at BACAA with Joshua LaRock (fall 2019)

Large Portrait Painting in Studio with Casey Baugh (fall 2019)

Night Painting Live in Paris with Casey Baugh (spring 2020)

Portrait and Figure Painting at Florence Academy of Art with Jura Bedic

Portrait Painting at BACAA with Kamille Correy

Portrait Painting at Florence  Studio with Cesar Santos 

2018 Figurative Art Conference in Miami

2019 Plein Air Conference in San Francisco

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